High Pressure Pumps

Class Cleaners is a one-stop destination for high pressure pumps and Annovi Reverberi Pumps in India. With customer-centric approach and rich domain expertise, the company holds expertise in developing and implementing top-notch high pressure pump systems in India that excite our customers globally. Empowered with a team of zealous experts, we aspire to expand our business radius across the length and breadth of India and spread our International footprint.

A high pressure pump or pressure washer is a device used for displacing water at extreme pressure through water channels or pipes. It is used for a wide range of commercial and residential purposes. A framework of inbuilt motors, filters, valves, high-pressure guns and rotating joints is utilized for moving water from one end to another at elevated pressures within water supply applications. Annovi Reverberi pressure pumps are available up to 7,500 psi and 12 GPM.

Hydro Test Pumps

The demand of Hydro Test High pressure pump in India is conspicuously high. Its durability and steadiness is unfathomable and is widely used for various practical water applications. The basic features of Hydro test pumps are:

High Pressure Pumps India
  • Used for detecting leaks or imperfections in boilers, water pipes, pressure vessels and more
  • Used for hydrostatic testing; an examination conducted for checking the workability of different parts in water supply mechanism
  • Used for repairing obsolete or damaged pipes

Hydro Test Pump must be selected on the ground of operational mechanism, sustainability and reliability. Educate yourself about all latest working trends and recent up gradations before deciding on hydro test pump for usage.

Triplex Plunger Pumps

The next preferred high pressure water pump in India is Triplex Plunger Pumps which uses three plunger pumps. The basic traits of Triplex Plunger Pump are:

High Pressure Pumps India
  • Enables increase in water flow without pulsation dampener
  • More number of plunger pumps, less pulsation rate of a singular plunger pump which in turn makes water flow at faster rate
  • Excessively utilized for applications such as reserve osmosis and oil & water injection

Get in touch with Class Cleaners for any requirement regarding water and waste water treatment. Our goods are readily available in the market at high affordable rates. We have a humungous stock of spare parts of high pressure pumps systems in India.

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